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In collaboration with Elisabetta Mohwinckel, founder of L’albero di Momo, language school started in Como in 1998. My Languages - Scuola di Lingue will adopt the Emotional Learning, Emotional Teaching® teaching method for children aged 3-7 years.

The Emotional Learning, Emotional teaching methodology® for children of preschool and primary school, proposes to give space to children, to create their learning skills. Working alone or with peers to find out "how to do and what to communicate" with autonomy and serenity. The results of an involved and engaging learning environment are innumerable and go far beyond language skills.

To download the Emotional Learning, Emotional Teaching® methodology "abstract"

For other age groups and for teaching adults My Languages - Language School makes use of professional certified and experienced teachers in order to guarantee preparation for the Europan Language Certificate Exams.

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