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Initially (August 2015) MyChild was located in the premises next to the nursery school. It was an open space accomodating 20 children aged from 3 to 6.
In the meantime the Medacta for Life foundation started building work to add on 2 new sections of the pre school: each to accommodate 25 children.
The first section was completed in November 2017 and the second will be ready in spring 2018. The classrooms are open space to permit free choice between the Montessori material, the English corner and the two workshops: the exploration and creative Atelier, using the ‘100 languages of children’ and the Stern painting Atelier (the Closlieu)
Ample tall windows let daylight shine in and allow the children to be in contact with the world around them: outside the classrooms there is a wood with a gentle flowing stream and nearby the Mezzana agricultural farm.

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