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Daily notebooks

A notebook is prepared by each child’s key teacher. Each day, from themoment the child has settled, the teacher writes a personal diary of the child’s discoveries, challenges, difficulties, stages of development, meals, rest times and tears. The words are accompanied by photos that are taken of the children almost every day, capturing moments of work and play and bearing witness to what the children have been doing.

Rites of passage

Celebrations are moments of joy, occasions to gather with friends and loved ones, to share an occasion, or an anniversary. At My Baby nursery we celebrate certain special moments in the lives of the children, their parents, their loved ones and the teachers who look after them every day. In addition to birthday parties that mark the passing of time but do not require any specific skills or expertise, great emphasis is placed on certain achievements that demand commitment, maturity and perseverance, etc. “per aspera ad astra” (through hardships to the stars): reaching motor autonomy (Celebration of the first steps), being nappy free (Celebration of the potty), moving on to another educational cycle (Celebration of thankyou).

Individual parent/teacher meetings

The child's key teachers meet with the parents individually twice a year. This is not to assess the child’s progress but rather an opportunity to exchange information and observations. Each teachers puts together a series of cards that objectively highlight the child’s phase of development. This procedure, together with the daily reflections, gives a general picture of what the child likes best, what does not yet interest him/her but may do so soon, the activities that intrigue the child and the difficulties he/she faces.
At these meetings the teacher’s role is to listen to the parents’ stories about their child, their concerns and any implied requests.
Therefore the meeting becomes an opportunity for the teacher and parents to define development objectives, to re-clarify expectations and to give and receive various interpretations of the behaviour/action/expressions of the child. The teachers and parents work as a team to give their best to the children and the nursery!


The older children have small cloth bags so that they can take books home and back to school again. Children who ask to do so, can take a school book home that they particularly enjoyed, so that they can share their reading experience and emotions with their family.

A special day at the nursery

The parents of the older children can take it in turns, if they have the time and wish to do so, to spend a morning at the nursery.
The parent and child will carry out an activity of their choice, which they thought of together at home. All interested children can join in the activity. After sharing their choice with the class teachers, the parent and child who are presenting the activity will bring the necessary material for everyone.
Beforehand, the teachers will present their arrival to the group of children as something special, an experience to share together.
On the special day, the child will arrive at the nursery at the usual time or with their parent after the morning snack, at around 9.45–10.00 am, and will present their mummy or daddy to the rest of the group who will welcome them.

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