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The nursery’s fundamental resource is its staff. The daily actions of the teachers with the children entrusted to them and the relationships they build with the families are fundamental for a quality educational service.
Every factor needs to be considered when choosing a quality nursery school, including a get-to-know-you meeting with the coordinator/director of the school, the teacher/children ratio, the educational approach followed, the setting of the environment and timetable as well as the choice of furnishings and activities.


Erika Zecchi

Degree in sociology at Milan University Bicocca. In 2014 Erika was awarded the second level diploma “The Montessori Method: perspectives towards the future” by the Bicocca University. With several years of teaching experience in early childhood, Erika loves to be surprised by the children and to grow together with them.
Erika is the Manager of the My Baby Nursery

Alessia Quaglietta

Degree in Educational Sciences at Bergamo University. Alessia loves to listen and get in tune with children. Alessia believes that “they are the adults of tomorrow” and for this reason she underlines the concept of respect towards others, towards nature and towards animals. Alessia believes in the authentic exchange with children as a moment of reciprocal value and she sees her greatest motivation in the fact that children know how to become excited.

Alice Filosa

After having finished her high school diploma at a social sciences high school, Alice got a diploma in “education and animation work for early years”. Alice has been interested in the “Reggio Children Approach” in pre-schools and nurseries. She loves nature and the “Outdoor Education”.

Barbara Müller Robotti

Specialised teacher with many years of experience at nursery schools and in special needs fields for children and teenagers. Thanks to her creativity and craft skills, Barbara helps to decorate our school environment beautifully .

Chiara Gervasini

After her diploma at a Psycho-pedagogical high school in Varese, Chiara has just finished her Montessori course. Chiara has many years of experience as a pre-school teacher and she is a Practicien in our Stern Closlieu atelier, where she guides children through their painting experience.

Danute Ereminaite

Danute Ereminaite, a passionate musician, is an opera singer and choir director. She studied at the Kaunas Conservatory in Lithuania, in Germany and at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, becoming a music teacher for children and young people. She is multilingual and pursues an approach in her work that combines the best of different pedagogical philosophies.

Giorgia Nicoli

After her diploma at a social-psycho-pedagogical high school, Giorgia has many years of experience as a preschool and nursery teacher, specialising in the two and three year olds. In 2019 Giorgia finished her early years Montessori diploma. Her gentle nature is contagious to everyone, big and small.

Giorgia Pontiggia

With a degree in Educational Sciences at Milan Bicocca University, Giorgia has several years of experience in child care and is familiar with various approaches of education styles. Giorgia spends most of her free time outdoors and conveys her love of nature to the children.

Ilaria Della Chiesa

After her degree in educational sciences at Milan Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University, Ilaria has many years of experience in the early years area and she set up a micro nido in her home town. One of her passions is music and the children love to join in when she plays the guitar or the saxophone which she has been studying for over 20 years. At the moment she is team leader at the Mezzani group of the nursery school.

Judith Sandor

Judit has got the Cache Level 3 diploma in Child Care and Education at Stone Bridge College. She has work experience with children of many different ages, speaking only English to them and making her way of working fun and carefree.

Katia Sardone

Katia has solid work experience with children aged 0 to 6 years and has mainly focused on working with very small children. Thanks to her competence and the many years of work at My Baby, Katia is currently the team leader of the baby group.

Lidia Onofrio

Degree in educational sciences at Milan Bicocca University and currently taking a course in pedagogical sciences. She attended a master course in “animal assisted rehabilitation and education work (IAA)”. Lidia loves nature and animals and is fascinated by the outdoor education approach. She has many years of experience in early years (especially 0-3 years).

Lara Nesi

Lara ha conosciuto il nido My Baby come apprendista e, dopo aver conseguito la Laurea in scienze dell’educazione continua ad occuparsi dei bambini con grande dolcezza. Attualmente è iscritta al corso di laurea magistrale e continua ad alimentare le sue grandi passioni per la fotografia e la pallavolo.

Paulina Katarzyna Parkitna

Paulina has many years of experience working at an international school and in nurseries in Italy and England. She has the Cache Level 3 diploma in Child Care and Education at Cirencester, England, an equivalent to a O.S.A. title in Switzerland. She speaks only English to the little babies at My Baby, getting them ready for their bilingual experience at our school.

Rebecca Saporito

Rebecca has many years of experience as volunteer in an inclusive Summer Camp with children aged 6-12. After graduating as a retail sales employee, she realised that her path lay in education. She is currently attending the training as a Social Worker. At My Baby she is a trainee whose presence makes a real difference, as a valuable support to the staff as well as to the children.

Sabrina Antonini

Degree in educational sciences at Milan Sacro Cuore Cattolica University. She is a consultant in breast feeding and an expert in child massage, which she cares about and puts into practice at the nursery.

Silke Wanrooij

graduated in social studies at the Hogeschool van Arnhem in Nijmegen (HAN) Holland. She has specialized in the teaching of yoga to children and speaks only English to the children the adults.

Silvia Biffi

Degree in educational sciences at Milan Bicocca University. In 2019 Silvia was awarded the Montessori diploma in education for 0-3 years. Silvia has many years of work experience in different nurseries, winning the hearts of the children and parents thanks to her gentleness. She loves animals and takes care of them in her free time. She loves life in the open air and passes her passion for nature on to the children. Silvia is currently the team leader of the Grandi group at the nursery.

Ulrike Endriss

Degree in Applied Modern Languages at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and a degree as translator and interpreter at Cologne University, Germany. Ulrike is in charge of the bilingual approach (English) and likes to organize yoga activities thanks to her skills and experience in this field, being a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Valentina Impedovo

Degree in pedagogic sciences at the Milan Bicocca University, Master in specialized pedagogic counseling at Kromata Centre, Brescia. Enrolled in the International Clinical Pedagogy School ISFAR; Valentina has a qualification for the ABA method for autism and a specialisation in sign language (LIS). She is a trained teacher for psychomotor activities, enrolled at the professional association ANUPI Education. Valentina accompanies our children in the discovery of their bodies and skills. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, Valentina has become the Manager of the After-school Service.

Valentina Mazzucchi

Degree in psychology at the Milan Sacro Cuore Cattolica University; Valentina is currently enrolled in a course for Primary Formation Sciences. She has experience working with small children aged 0 to 3 years thanks to the family nursery she set up to organise her business and family life.

Vera Invernizzi

Dopo aver conseguito, nel 2003, il diploma di laurea come Educatrice Professionale presso l' E.S.A.E. (ente scuola assistenti educatori) di Milano, ha consolidato la sua formazione lavorando per anni in asili nido e scuole dell'infanzia.
Affiancata da Grazia Honegger Fresco, si è specializzata nel metodo Montessori applicato al nido e alla casa dei bambini, dopodiché ha ampliato la sua formazione frequentando il corso "Maria Montessori per la scuola primaria".
Considera il bambino un essere "originale" e attivo degno di assoluto rispetto.

Amministrazione e Segreteria

Elisabetta Masini

Bachelor in Marketing and Business Communications; Elisabetta has a specialized degree in Economic Sciences and a master in Project Management at the EAE Business School of Barcelona. Elisabetta worked at the USI Institute for Business Research (IRE) and later as manager and administrative director at the San Benedetto Foundation in Lugano. For the San Benedetto Foundation Elisabetta managed the preschool, primary, and middle schools as well as dedicating herself to the management of a nursery for a few years. For the teachers’ union Elisabetta collaborated with the Ticino Christian Social Organization (OCST). Since the autumn 2019 Elisabetta works as an organisational consultant at My School Ticino and she is currently the Administrative Director of the Medacta For Life Foundation

Laure Maridort

With a Diploma in foreign languages and literatire Laure came to My School Ticino following work experenience in Medacta SA . She is a young asset and always cheerful she supports the school and front offices and the management. u

Manuela Ciccone

Manuela has got solid experience as Executive & Office Assistant. She works in the administration department, front office and is in charge of Mastercom System, manages supply and sponsoring and gives support to the company’s communication department. She manages the office for My Languages language school and gives support to the school management.

Marta Brusa

After her degree in law, Marta followed a basic accounting course at the Lugano Business School. Marta has experience as administrative and executive assistant. At My School Marta works as secretary, in the front office and gives precious administrative help to the school management in various ways.

Siria Chiesa

Siria has a degree in Modern Literature as well as in Psychological Sciences at the Milan Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University. She has a master in Training Trainers and has attended specialization courses in perinatal psychology and educational psychology. Since 2003 Siria has worked in training, HR coordination and has organized and managed art and charity projects.She now works as Communication Manager for My School Ticino.

Personale ausiliario

Alessandro Bressan

Alessandro is our handyman. He keeps our My Town village in order, mends, repairs, removes, builds: there is nothing he cannot fix! Whenever something gets broken the children say:”thank goodness there’s Ale!”

Loretana Muscio

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Monica Caldirola

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Oreste Tranchini

He is the driver of the school bus and has driven vans and cross country vehicles since his days in military service. When he is not at the wheel he helps out wherever necessary. He is particularly fond of bees and his motto is “ long live the Queen” !

Raquel Bravo

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day at the nursery. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Sonia Bonetti

Her daily job is to disinfect, tidy up and clean the school environment where children and teachers alike spend their school day. All the objects and furniture need her precious daily care.

Kitchen crew

Chef Nicola

A chef with extensive experience he gained his diplima at the Hospitality Institute in Chiavenna. He then widened his exreience learking specific techniques of preparation in different countries. He has worked in kitchens in Switzerland, Italy, France, London and all over the world. He cooks balanced and delicious meals for the children ( and teachers ) with grace and flair.

Chef Matteo

Matteo got his diploma from the Hospitality College “De Filippi” in Varese. He worked for many different restaurants, hotels and delicatessens both in Italy and Switzerland. He joined Nicola in the kitchen in 2019 and prepares the daily meals for the children and school staff.

Raffaella Vivone

Raffaella does the food portioning, takes care of the cutlery and crockery, kitchen and lunchroom environment. A precious resource and loved by all the children in the nursery…especially when it’s lunch time.

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